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 Click on the links below for many history resources.

U.S. history – lesson summaries USA landforms  Native American Cultures 
United States History: The Early Years  GeoAmerica Africans in America
America’s Story  Timeline game Frederick Douglass: The Meaning of July 4th for the Negro
United States of America Chronology (WebChron)  What is it?  James Fort Rediscovered 
North America Chronology (WebChron) State Web Games  Plymouth Colony passage and quiz 
The Library of Congress Presents: America’s Story Place the States  The Belle Surfaces at Matagorda Bay
Interactive American History Timeline (Nussbaum) Where is that?  Chart of the 13 original colonies 
Timelines in American history  State Detective  Colonial Kids 
African-American history timeline  Capital Field Guide  Road to Revolution 
Find the Face game  United States quiz game  American Revolution
A Biography of America  Clue Maps 
American Memory  Label Maps
US History – Social Studies for Kids  National Geographic GeoSpy  People of the American Revolution Quia 
FactMonster U.S. atlas  Outline maps
Facts About the States — Internet Public Library  Freedom: A History of Us 
US government websites for kids Test Your Knowledge 
Who Said What? 
Nussbaum USA activities  Scavenger Hunt Through History An Interview with Thomas Jefferson
America’s Stone Age Explorers
Age of Exploration passage and quiz
US Presidents
US currency
History for Kids US Constitution Quiz 
Lewis and Clark – National Geographic  Ancient Civilizations for Kids  The Bill of Rights
Lewis and Clark History vocabulary
Mexican-American War (1846-1848) Odyssey Online 50 quarters program (U.S. Mint)
The Underground Railroad – National Geographic Mr. Dowling’s  World History Chronology
Ancient Civilizations Timeline  More chronologies 
  Early civilizations quiz  The Cave of Lascaux
Pompeii  Mesopotamia 
Israelites quiz Roman Bath  Hammurabi’s Code
   A Day at the Baths 
Construct an Aqueduct  Egyptomania
Greek Mythology – Watering Ancient Rome 
Ancient Greeks Quiz  Real Roman Recipes  Ancient Egypt
Ancient Greeks quiz 2  Resources  Eternal Egypt
Greek civilization quiz  Roman gods  Ancient Egypt
Greek god or thinker game  Ancient Rome Quiz
Ancient India Rise of Rome Quiz  Mark Millmore’s Ancient Egypt
Roman civilization quiz 
Early India Quiz  World Landmarks  Ramses II (Ramses the Great)
Ancient China  Outline maps  Queen Halshepsut
Ancient China Outline maps –
Early Imperial China Timeline game Egypt: Secrets of the Ancient World 
Ancient China Interactive World Map CyberMummy 
Interactive Continents

See Your Name in Hieroglyphics 
Bridge the Gap  Magic School Bus Pop Quiz Hieroglyphs
Nature’s Miracle Material  Ancient Egypt projects Pharaoh’s Obelisk 
China’s Age of Invention  Egyptian Mummy Mask project  How Big Were They? 
Resources Egypt and Kush Quiz  Explore Ancient Egypt 
Early China Quiz  Pyramids Mysteries of the Nile 

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