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Using Comparative and Superlative Adverbs  Homographs
 Latin and Greek roots and prefixes  Adverb/adjective – choose the right word  More homographs 
Greek and Latin root skills  Adjectives and adverbs  SuperNova Sentence Puzzles
Short circuit  More about adjectives and adverbs Words with multiple meanings
Negative prefixes  Adverbs and prepositions     Dictionary entries 
Prefixes say plenty  Adjectives and Adverbs  Finding new ways to say something 
Prefix match Choose the correct word What makes a compound word?
Prefix jig-words  Adjective or adverb Call My Bluff 
Prefix MatchWord Rats! Literacy quiz 
Crystal Castle Adverb Battleship  Choose the right word 
Prefix quiz Choose the correct word  Word Carnival Level 1  
Roots and their families 1  Modifier placement Word Carnival Level 2 
Roots and their families 2 Pronoun poppers  Word Carnival Level 3 
Rooting out Words Puzzling pathways  Word Carnival Level 4 
Suffixes SuperNova Sentence Puzzles Word Carnival Level 5 
Suffix quiz Tag A Word Word Carnival Level 6 
-less or -ment  Alien Word Mine  Word Carnival Level 7 
Suffixes – -less, -ness, -ly, -ful  Wack a Word Word Carnival Level 8 
  Grammar glossary Choose the correct adverb 
Synonym matchup Grammar Gorillas Adverb ringer
Synonym challenge Grammar Activity 1  Adjective balloon ride 
Synonyn – basic Grammar Activity 2  Adjective express
Synonym – hard  Parts of speech   Using Comparative and Superlative Adjectives
  Pronoun exploration Using irregular adjectives 
  Play ball with pronouns On the Trail of Adjectives and Adverbs   
Antonym matchup  Pronoun toss Adjectives and adverbs trail 
Antonym challenge Mixed up pronouns Adventure with adjectives and adverbs
Antonym Word Play Reflective and indefinite pronouns  Comparison slide 
Antonyms (Pitara) Subject and object pronouns  Blustery day of adjectives 
Antonym columns Possessive pronouns Bug’s day out
Antonyms (opposites), synonyms and more  Pronoun sufari Fishing for comparisons
Personal dictionary  Pronouns   Shining the light on adverbs 
Similes with as…   Locating information/Book Buddy
Writing detective – personal narrative   Writing from Sentence Sense
Writing detective – personal narrative II   Literaracy term crossword 
Animal Similes  Pronoun crossword puzzle  Computer resources
  Exploring the pronoun reef  Computer quiz 
Simile and metaphor quiz Using Pronouns as Objects of Prepositions  Scholastic’s How to Research 
Play or poem?  Recognizing pronouns Write your own fairytale
Imagery  Pronoun – antecedent agreement  Troubleshooter 
Imagery quiz  Finding a pronoun’s antecedent  Correct the mistakes  
Conflict  Astronomy preposition quiz  Common mistakes 
Conflict quiz Preposition desert  Choose the preposition practice 
Tone  Preposition State Fair Summarize/paraphrase/Test Tutor 
Reading Comprehension (reading for facts) Preposition barnyard  Main Ideas and Details/Test Tutor 
  Prepositions – type the correct word (easy)  Drawing Conclusions/Test Tutor
Comprehension from Innovations  Prepositions – Harcourt Predicting Outcomes/Book Buddy
Skimming Quiz Prepositional phrases – Houghton Mifflin Preposition game
Genres of Literature games Prepositional phrase match  Prepositions quiz 
Series of Unfortunate Events Quizzes Statement (fact) vs. opinion  Identify the preposition 
Destination Impossible Fact or Opinion? Test Tutor   
Necessary and unnecessary words   ROSWELL INDEPENDENT SCHOOLS Consistency


K-1st     2nd      3rd      4th     6th  


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