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Words commonly confused 
Words from other languages  Word choice 
  Word choice b
  There, their, or they’re 
Words with multiple meanings  There, their or they’re 2
Multiple meanings There, their or they’re 3
More multiple meanings  It’s, its, there, their or they’re 
Word Meaning 2  To, too or two 
Word Meaning 1  No, now, know 
Choose the right word  Weather or whether 
Dictionary entries  Were, we’re, where
Finding new ways to say something  Your and you’re 
Personal dictionary  Who’s and whose 
Synonym Toast  Except, accept 
Synonym matchup Homophone express 
Synonym challenge Notorious confusables   
  Commonly confused words 
  Commonly confused words 2 
Prefixes say plenty  Commonly confused words 3 
Roots and their families 1   
Roots and their families 2 Fish ‘em up 
Latin and Greek roots and prefixes  Spelling pretest 
Greek and Latin root skills Spelling Bee
  100 Most Frequently Misspelled Words
Prefixes say plenty  Super spelling test 
Prefix match Spelling quiz 1 
Prefix skills Spelling quiz 2
Prefix jig-words  Plurals test 
Prefix MatchWord Harcourt Brace spelling 
Crystal Castle Spelling Wizard
  Heart idioms quiz
   More from IdiomConnection
Prefix quiz Change idioms to plain English 
Roots and their families 1  Paint by idioms
Roots and their families 2 Animal idioms 
Rooting out Words Animal idioms – more 
Root Word Quiz Animal phrases 
Suffixes Bird idioms 
Suffix quiz Fish, insect and reptile idioms 
-less or -ment  Body part idioms
Suffixes – -less, -ness, -ly, -ful  Body idioms – more 
  Eye, ear and nose idioms 
  Head, mind and mouth idioms
  Heart idioms 
Call My Bluff  Color idioms 
Writing process  Color idioms – more 
Narrative writing  Face idioms 
Expository writing Sports idioms
Persuasive writing  Education idioms 
  Interesting idioms
Persuasion/letter to the editor – lesson In step with idioms
Persuasion/letter to the editor – practice  Idiom list 
Persuasion in advertising – lesson    BrainPop Similes and Metaphors
Persuasion in advertising – practice    Similes with as…
Using verbs in poetry  
TV411 Writing    Writing detective – personal narrative
Author’s purpose and perspective/Book Buddy  
Locating information/Book Buddy  
  Plot events 
Reference resources Name that literary element 
Using reference sources   
Comparing and contrasting   
Research report  
Writing Terms  
Writing from Sentence Sense  
Literaracy term crossword   
Computer resources Play or poem? 
Computer quiz   
Write your own fairytale  
Troubleshooter Correct the mistakes  Nussbaum Reading Comprehension
  TV411 reading comprehension
Puzzling pathways  Conclusions & Making Generalizations/Book Buddy 
Common mistakes  Series of Unfortunate Events Quizzes
Necessary and unnecessary words   
Consistency Comprehension from Innovations 
Indefinite pronouns Same or different? (Comprehension) 
  Scanning Quiz
Is or are       Skimming Quiz
Compound subjects and predicates      
Future perfect  
Future perfect 2 Sentence power (simple or compound) 
Future perfect 3 Complex sentence bandstand
Perfect verb match  Simple or compound? 
Perfect tense match  About complex sentences 
Present perfect – choose the correct word  Complex sentences
Present perfect – has or have?  Complex sentence camp 
Present perfect mix and match  Compound-complex sentences 
Present perfect – build the sentence Sentence Seal Pool
Present perfect- been or gone? Sentence Sort
Present perfect – since or for? Super sentence sort
Present perfect – correct or not?  Sentence sort 
Present perfect – build the sentence B Sentence combining
Present perfect – mix and match B Simple and compound sentences
Past perfect – fill in the blank  Putting sentences together
Past perfect – match  Spotlight on clauses
Past perfect – rewrite  Identifying independent clauses
Past perfect – complete the sentences Combining sentences
Literacy quiz  Combining sentences b 
Grammar glossary Sentence speedway
Grammar Gorillas Sentences 
Grammar Activity 1  Planting sentences
Grammar Activity 2  Sentence garden 
Parts of speech  Capitalization quiz (paragraphs)
  Capitalization and punctuation
  Practice capitalization 
Semi-colons Title Hockey 
Cool off with commas and colons  Punctuation
Commas in compound sentences Punctuation b 
  Paintball Punctuation 
Capitalization quiz Edit Dan’s Copy
Grammar and punctuation words crossword puzzle 



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