K – 3rd

Click on the links below for many wonderful science resources 

Grouping and changing materials  The Ultimate Science Fair Resource 

Helping plants grow well   Forces that Shape the Bay
Growing plants    Forces and movement  Parts of a Plant  Solids and liquids
Helping plants grow well   Forces in action    Gases around us
Parts of a Plant  Friction KidsGardening.com The Virtual Telescope
Life cycle of plants  Simple machines – Edhead  WOW plants  Astro Adventure
The Biology of Plants Simple machines – Harcourt  Dirt Made My Lunch Space Quiz Game 

WOW simple machines    Space Watch
Solids and liquids Magnets and springs  Rocks and Soil activity  NASA space flight 
Gases around us Sounds and hearing    Life In Space
Sort everyday solids, liquids and gases  Science Lab   Space Station 
Science Lab WOW sound  Sort everyday solids, liquids and gases  Science Lab
WOW states of matter      Earth and Space quiz
WOW gases   Science Lab  
      Plant Life Cycle
Plant Facts  Fossil games Alien Attack  Variation 
Eating and teeth    WOW light 
Plant Facts  Get Eroded  Invention Playhouse  
The Biology of Plants     Science Lab
Life cycles   Pushes and pulls  Earth and Space quiz
Variation      Eating and teeth 
Life cycle of plants    The Solar Source of the Earth’s Energy  Variation 
Growing plants   Weather Central for Kids     Plant Facts 


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